Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do I need a booking for a karaoke room?​​​​

    • No - we are a walk-in friendly venue HOWEVER bookings are strongly recommendedas we may book out in advance during peak times. Book Here

  • Can I modify my karaoke room booking?

    • Yes - please use the link included in your booking confirmation email. Changes are subject to venue capacity limits and room availability.

  • How do functions work?

    • We have online packages for up to 30 people available, Book Here

    • Contact us if you are looking to book a function for 30+ people, or outside of our normal operating hours? 

See our Pricing page for details on karaoke space hire fees


  • YES, except for 3-5pm on Saturdays where minors sessions are available. The following conditions apply:

    • Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult! (and your 20 yr old mate is NOT what we mean...)

    • You are booked into a private karaoke room and NO alcohol is ordered to or consumed in the karaoke room

    • Strictly no minors allowed in the bar area

  • Also when pre-approved for private functions (contact us).


  • YES - we take Ethereum & Bitcoin 



  • Yeah - check out the Menu.


  • Is the bar area okay for walk-ins?

    • Yes! The bar will be open for walk-ins after 8pm, and often from 5pm. Call ahead if you'd need to be sure.

  • When can I book the bar for a function?

    • The bar can be booked for larger groups of 15 people or more. When the bar is available for private booking depends on the day of the week...

      • Fridays & Saturdays the bar can be booked from 5-6pm for 2 hours privately​

      • On other operating days the bar can be booked from 5pm or 7:30pm for 2 hours.

      • See our Pricing page for details on karaoke space hire fees



  • How does it work in the karaoke room?

    • Individual karaoke rooms are purpose built and similar to recording studios - they are are sound proof, private singing space for you and your friends.

    • Our karaoke machines are authentically Japanese but have LOADS of English songs and an all-important English song selection.​ We have lots of songs in other languages too.

    • You will get a song selector touch panel and two microphones for duets.

    • There is also a handy touch panel in each karaoke room where you can order food and drinks in the comfort of your own room.

  • How does the pricing structure for karaoke rooms work?

    • We charge an hourly rate which is based on the size of your group. See our Pricing page for full details.

  • What size karaoke room will I get?

    • Your karaoke room will be booked automatically based on the size of your group and availability at the time of booking.


  • Is your venue wheelchair accessible?

    • It pains us to say this because we want easy access for everyone, but we simply couldn't build the venue to be wheelchair accessible as the building shell that we are leasing features foundations that are high above street level. We looked a lots of options and there wasn't a solution that would be at a price point where we could still build the venue. We are sorry but the venue is only ambulant accessible.


What have you done to protect the community from COVID-19?

  • We closed the venue for months!

  • We have modified the air conditioning to massively increase fresh air circulation in all areas of the venue.

  • The venue is cleaned constantly during service, and each room is deep cleaned after every session.

  • Sanitiser and masks are available free of charge for all patrons.

  • We comply with all requirements under the public health order.

  • The venue provides some natural defence to spread of the virus as groups are quarantined from one another in the karaoke rooms.

Are non-vaccinated people allowed?

  • YES!