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Frequently Asked Questions


  • No - we are a walk-in friendly venue HOWEVER bookings are recommended for karaoke rooms as we often book out in advance during peak times. Book Here

  • Is the bar area okay for walk-ins?

    • Yes! The bar is open for walk-ins with no cover charge except when it is booked out for a private function. Call ahead if you need to be sure.


Kids Karaoke sessions are available for minors of any age and can be booked during our non-peak times such as our earlier hours of trade. Please see the available 'Kids Karaoke' bookings on our online bookings system here.

Minors should be declared on entry, you will be asked to show ID on entry if you look 25 years of age.

       The following rules and conditions apply:

  • You are booked into a private karaoke room
  • Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult; parent or guardian
  • Grown-ups can purchase drinks from bar area
  • Minors are not allowed in the bar area (passing through escorted by a parent is ok)
  • Minors may also be allowed when pre-approved for private bar functions (contact us)

  • We reserve the right to refuse service or consumption of any alcohol in rooms with minors




  • How does it work in the karaoke room?

    • Individual karaoke rooms are purpose built and similar to a recording studios - they are are sound proof, private singing space for you and your friends.

    • Our karaoke machines are authentically Japanese but have LOADS of English songs.​ We have lots of songs in other languages too.

    • You will get a song selector touch panel and two microphones for duets.

    • There is also a touch panel in each karaoke room where you can order food and drinks in the comfort of your own room

    • Free tambourine loan for anyone who asks nicely

  • How does the pricing and payment work?

    • We charge an hourly rate which is based on the size of your group. See our Pricing page for full details.

    • For private Karaoke Rooms we prefer payent at the end of  your karaoke session. This will include payment for the hourly karaoke room hire fee as well as any food and drinks ordered from the in-room order touch panel. We can split payments however you like.

  • Why do you need my credit card details?

    • We may ask for a credit card authorisation to confirm your booking. These details are held securely by our third party booking system provider Sevenrooms, until 48 hours after your booking has ended. This can be used to comply with our cancellation policy (you can review this before booking), or may be held as security, like a hotel.​

  • What size karaoke room will I get?

    • Your karaoke room will be booked automatically based on the size of your group and availability at the time of booking.

  • Can I modify my karaoke room booking?

    • Yes - please use the link included in your booking confirmation email. Increases or decreases in group size are possible only if a larger or smaller room is available

  • Can I bring Cake?

    • Yes of course. Please feel free to leave it with us in the bar and come and get it anytime.​

  • Can I have a stripper perform in the karaoke room?

    • No. Not that we are prudes or anything, the karaoke rooms are just not suitable for strippers. We appreciate your understanding!​​


  • How do functions work?

    • You can instantly book private functions for groups of up to 40 people. Book Here

    • Contact us if you are looking to book a function for 40+ people, or if you can't find a booking that works for you

    •  You can book our bar anytime on weekdays and Sunday, or until 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays. After 8pm you can stay but we will also open the bar to the general public.

  • When can I book the bar?

    • Our booking system will guide you through booking availability for Bar Karaoke sessions. We have short and long sessions available. On Fridays and Saturdays private bookings end at 8pm when we open to the general public. But don't worry your group can stay on after 8pm.​, it's just no longer a private afair.

See our Pricing page for details on private room and bar hire fees.


  • YES - we take Ethereum & Bitcoin



  • Yeah - check out the Menu

    • However due to the size of our kitchen we hope you understand that we are not 100% able to segregate these food products and can not guarantee that trace amounts will not be present. Those with severe intolerences should be aware of this, and we understand if you must BYO food for this reason.


  • Is your venue wheelchair accessible?

    • It pains us to say this because we want easy access for everyone, but we simply couldn't build the venue to be wheelchair accessible as the building shell that we are leasing features foundations that are high above street level. We are sorry but the inconvenience but the venue is ambulant accessible only.

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